Petite séance d’écriture pour préparer ma prochaine nouvelle. Cela avance bien. Pour patienter, vous pouvez lire et relire La faille

Tout est tellement calme, chacun chez soi. J’ai envie d’hurler à la fenêtre, façon Freddy Mercury: Heeeeeeeee Hoo

ejabberd 20.03 has been released

Some bug fixes but also a few improvements. Let’s keep rolling !

We are preparing a new bugfix release of ejabberd, all working remote. It looks a lot like in the early days 🤟

Mouse support on iPad is really great, to the point I really would like already better support in apps, etc. Really eager to see where iPadOS is going next.

Au lieu d’un journal de confinement, je préférerais lire des textes sur le non-confinement. Transportez-moi, parlez-moi de vos souvenirs de voyage ou de soirée entre amis. Écrivez sur ce qui vous manque le plus aujourd’hui, sur la chaleur humaine, pas sur l’isolement !

Un titre ne suffit pas à faire une bonne nouvelle.

Après quelques secondes de réflexion, j’ai décidé de ne pas me lancer dans “Cadavre et skis”, nouvelle policière qui aurait pu se passer à Briançon.

Botvinnik’s method for improving at chess can be applied to other skills: Mikhail Botvinnik and the Invention of Modern Chess Training

Lien utile pour répondre aux questions sur le confinement en France. Le Monde: Coronavirus : nos réponses à vos questions sur le confinement

In case you were wondering: ProcessOne is already organised to work remotely and to keep on providing services to all its customers. Realtime messaging is critical at this time and we are here to help.

As long as I have enough chocolate, all will be fine :)

Has anyone tried Rust Seed framework ? It seems to be an interesting Elm-like web front-end framework.

Parler du doute, sans dire combien il m’habite ✅ Fait

Session seems like an interesting privacy-oriented messenger. It is a fork of Signal, that do not even require a phone number.

Here is a brand new Github Action to get your workflow notification over XMPP: XMPP Notifier

It should be fully configurable. Let us know what you think or if you have feature requests 🙏

If we move this year to an online replacement for tech conference, I am not sure they will be back next year. Cost and reach leverage is pushing toward virtual conferences.

I like that new Open Source hardware trend. Have you been trying RISC-5, yet ?

Open Source Hardware: The Rise of RISC-V

WebAssembly could become an ubiquitous execution format.

Mozilla was looking for a way to increase Firefox security.

They are now using WebASM to not only run Web pages code but also Firefox component code.…

Who has feedback on ejabberd Docker container ? Interested to get ideas / suggestions for improvements, without adding a zillion of environment variable.

We are preparing a new ejabberd release. We are fixing bugs / polishing stuff 🤟

I have been tuning my IndieWeb publishing worflow. Back to for status post, but now also using Wordpress for long form posts on

It looks like RCS, the carrier promoted SMS replacement, is having a hard time get to mass production: The Verge - Somehow, Android’s messaging mess is about to get even worse

Next week, I will be attending @SwiftServerConf in Copenhagen. It is one of the conference I have been looking forward the most this year.

See you there!

New blog post in my SwiftNIO series: SwiftNIO – Introduction to Channels, ChannelHandlers and Pipelines

Swift 5.2 will have improved compiler messages: New Diagnostic Architecture Overview

This is going to be very helpful for SwiftUI, as currently some errors are unrelated to the actual issue. I am looking forward to it :)